When You Listen to Your Body

Do you ever take the time to really listen to your body?

Do you notice that your body is constantly communicating with you, day in and day out – telling you all the wonderful secrets of what it needs from you in order to find balance and joy in this experience of form?

Or do you get caught up in what you think? What you think you should be eating, doing, saying or how you should be existing?

Or are you in tune with your unique individuality? Do you focus on the tingling sensations that move throughout your body with its organic fluidity?

So many of us are so detached from our bodies and live our day to day experiences within the boundaries of our minds – we seem to have forgotten what we came here for – to experience our boundlessness within the confines of a form in order to experience our unique independence, while being aware of our interconnectedness with everyone and everything around us. It’s the complexity of this dichotomy that makes us so perfectly flawed and human.

So, take a moment, if only for today, for yourself. Become conscious of every sensation in your body by being present, and with consistency, your body will notice you paying attention to it.

…and once it does, it will start gently whispering to you what it’s always needed, what it’s longed for you to hear and the best relationship of your life will start unfolding, because the gap between your mind and body will finally start uniting in order for a fullness and wholeness to take place.