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Frequently Asked Questions Everything You Wanted To Know, But Were Too Afraid To Ask

  • What are chakras?

    Chakras are energy wheels and we happen to have 88,000 located within our energetic bodies. There are, however seven main chakras that run along our spine. Each chakra corresponds with different aspects of our lives. The Base or Root Chakra, which is located at the base of the spine, for example, corresponds with rootedness and survival. When any of the chakras are imbalanced and not cleared physical dis-ease could manifest. Clearing the debris of our energetic fields is just as important to our overall health, as is getting our physical and mental health taken care of.

  • How often do I need a session?

    It depends on the severity of the blockages. In the beginning, like any sort of modality, more frequent visits are recommended to address the major blocks the recipient may have. After some relief is reached upkeep is recommended. Empowerment is vital so the recipient can learn ways to deter falling back into old undesirable patterns.

  • How will I know which modality to choose?

    This is why an initial consultation is important in order to create a plan that suits the client and enables the practitioner to better understand what the client’s needs are. As the needs of the client changes, adjustments to the treatments can be made.

  • What is Reiki and how will it help me?

    Reiki is a Japanese modality of healing, which brings balance and restoration to the recipient. The practitioner acts as a channel to clear any blockages in the recipient’s energy field. After a treatment one usually feels replenished and lighter, having shed some energetic debris.

  • Why would I want a Soul Painting?

    A soul painting is a perfect tool to help anyone enhance their practice. It serves as a daily visual affirmation that can be hung above an altar and meditated in front of, if called to do so. This way the recipient can receive the light codes sealed within the painting. The embedded crystals will enhance your experience and your journey to self-love will only be improved by reflecting the purity and beauty of your soul essence.

  • How will energy clearing help me in my daily life?

    In short, because it will enhance your health – We have a habit of tending to our mental and physical well-being without questions. Fortunately we live in a time where one’s energetic health is also being acknowledged. Only through a holistic outlook can we truly find balance and harmony – which also includes energy clearing and balancing.

  • What is a healing crisis?

    A healing crisis can occur after a treatment, especially if a big blockage has been cleared. Fortunately they don’t usually last very long. Just like a physical detox brings up toxins before they are released from the body, your energetic body can also release debris before it is cleared. Sometimes this can result in short spurts of irritability or unpleasant emotions begin stirred up – but rest easy, if this happens it means it’s working so it’s important to keep at it.

  • What is Bio Spiritual Matrix Repair?

    This technique involves clearing and repairing your own quantum field, which can include axiatonal lines, subtle bodies, meridians, chakras and so on. The imbalances can present themselves during a session and will be cleared if there is permission from the client as well as their higher self.

  • How do I know if you’re the right practitioner for me?

    Chances are if you have been guided to me somehow then we are meant to work together. Otherwise we will both know that we are not a match and I will gladly refer you to other practitioners I know.

  • What if I don’t feel anything during a session?

    Even if you don’t feel anything per se, rest assured, the treatment is working. Some people aren’t as energetically sensitive as others. Additionally, some people attune themselves to sensing energies. For others it comes as natural as breathing. Moreover, some are more guarded and take a longer time to feel comfortable enough to energetically open themselves up to a new experience. This work entails a lot of vulnerability and that isn’t easy for everyone – so if you are someone who finds this difficult but wants to try a session anyways – kudos to you for taking a step towards owning your vulnerability. That takes real courage and strength!