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I am a Shamanic Practitioner and Reiki Master. I am also certified as a Holistic Practitioner, allowing me to have a more well-rounded outlook on health and well-being.

My energy healing offerings include  Reiki, Chakra-Balancing, Cord-transmutation, and Shamanic Reiki which fuses the two different, yet powerful healing modalities of Shamanic healing and Reiki.

Additionally, I offer Soul Portraits and Packages and run Full Moon Ceremonies, New Moon Drum Journeys and Workshops.

My purpose is to hold energetic space which will wake up the healer within you and inspire you to return to your power, to embrace your vulnerabilities, your shadow self, and love every piece of yourself and be YOU in all of your beautiful divinity. It’s about bringing the fragmented pieces back into a unified presence.

I step into session with the intention of being a hollow bone for Spirit, whose wisdom I channel with my intuitive skills of clairvoyance and clairsentience.

I keep the channels open to connect with different crystals in order to support subtle energy bodies and always close every session with sound healing either through tuning forks or my Tibetan singing bowl which resonates with the frequencies of the seven main chakras.

Healing surrounding Empowerment and Wholeness is the driving force behind my healing work.

There is nothing more that I would like than to facilitate sessions that bring wholeness to my clients. Imagine being brought back to your essence – to feel that fullness that being whole brings.

Imagine learning a new way of connecting to yourself – creating a language between you and your body and through this dialogue accommodating your own needs with love and care.

This is empowerment. This is self-love.

Imagine retrieving soul pieces that are ready to be reintegrated into your being because you are ready to heal aspects of yourself you weren’t ready to look at before.

Imagine feeling whole and in your power.

For me, this happened during my Shamanic practitioner training, a few months after I had received my initial soul retrieval. I was overcome by such a subtle yet immensely powerful shift. It felt like an ouroboros had formed in my solar plexus – a full circle had been completed where before it felt like there was a void.

That was my first experience of feeling whole – and with it came a quiet but ecstatic sigh of accomplishment and well-being, as well as a fire that urges me to spread this experience.

This work is vital so that more and more people can trust and listen to their intuitive skills and make life decisions from a place of self-love and healthy boundaries. The era of gurus has passed. We are now in an era of self reliance, self- trust – this is the time of dismantling old paradigms and building foundations of confidence and loving kindness. We are here to learn how to connect with the wisdom within so that we can lead our best life.

I have had the honour to work with many wonderful souls – every client and every session completely different from the other, making every experience unique. Examples of the type of work that has surfaced in the past includes:

  • Issues from past lives that have been carried through to this life whether it be in the form of physical pain or emotional charge

  • Releasing heavy energy from miscarriages, sometimes accompanied by psychopomp work to release the spirit of the unborn child

  • Communication with future children in spirit realms

  • Removal of energetic implants

  • Direct guidance from ancestors and spirit allies and guides

  • Locating where the client may have lost their power and merging with lost soul fragments

  • Strengthening the energetic grid where there may be leaks causing fatigue

  • Transforming unhealthy energetic cords to people and places in order to create healthy energetic boundaries

  • Helping clients release their attachment or pain through personalized rituals spirit directs Maya during Shamanic journeys

  • Relief from energetic blockages and intrusions

These are just some examples and are not limited to the work we could do together.

What shows up during session cannot always be predicted beforehand. For some the magic can occur in one session, whereas for most clients dedication is needed in order to bring what needs healing to the surface for it to be released.

The important thing to keep in mind is that with this type of work whatever is ready to be healed presents itself in divine timing. Sometimes the root cause of something we’re struggling with can seem completely unrelated to the issue at hand. This is why an open mind is imperative in this type of work.

If you feel ready to be held with love and compassion by someone who would be honoured to walk with you on your healing path to empowerment and wholeness, I will graciously meet you with love.